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Tag: userscript

Nexus Clash UserScripts

Carrying on my rich tradition of shoehorning quality-of-life improvements into PBBGs, I've created a couple of UserScripts for the Nexus Clash browser game.

The first is an improvement to the Pets management panel which color-codes pets whose AP is running low and shows their decay time in both GMT and …

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UserScripts for Urban Dead

Several years ago, I wrote a series of UserScripts for a persistent, browser-based game (PBBG) called Urban Dead. These scripts tidy up the user interface a bit and add some new features to the game that make quality-of-life improvements to the experience (in my opinion). I abandoned them--and the game--for …

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Lately, my interest has been piqued by cryptocurrency. After discovering that my ATI card could produce a decent hash rate without seriously spiking my electricity bill, I got specifically interested in Litecoin. Long story short, I joined a Litecoin mining pool ( and decided that I could do without …

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chud - GreaseMonkey script for Urban Dead

I've finished putting together my first GreaseMonkey script! It's called "chud"—the Caddy Healer for Urban Dead. It's been built to plug-in to my favorite web-based zombie apocalypse, Urban Dead. It will bring up a list of anyone in your map cell who can be healed with a first-aid kit …

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