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Query across servers in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

If your organization/project has data repositories spread across more than one database server, chances are that you will eventually want to pull data from more than one server instance in a single query. If you want to perform these cross-server queries without setting up a persistent Linked Server configuration …

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Backup automation and emailing attachments in Linux

Any programmer who's ever been burned by data loss can tell you—you've got to have backups of your work. If it's code, perhaps they use a version control system such as Subversion. If it's something a little less-readily available, such as a weekly database text file dump, it might …

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Using the ConnectionStrings element in ASP.NET web.config

If you are building a series of web applications that may rely on duplicate data (such as connection strings for pages that query databases), or you want to separate certain constants from your other code, you need a centralized method for storing and referencing that data. In this case, the …

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Prepared SQL statements in VB.NET

Thousands of websites have been hit lately by the rash of SQL injections being perpetrated en-masse. Most languages (current versions, at least) have a procedure for separating parameters from the query they augment in an effort to prevent SQL injection, and VB.NET is no different.

Assuming you have stored …

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