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Browsercache.php: A simple browser-cache-handling library for CodeIgniter

While CodeIgniter provides a disk caching mechanism, it lacks a browser caching mechanism. Without a lengthy introduction, here's one.


<?php if(! defined('BASEPATH')) exit …
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Add "desktop version" and "mark all as read" links to Tiny Tiny RSS mobile plugin

I installed Tiny Tiny RSS on a server of mine, and after tinkering around with it for a little while, I turned on the built-in mobile plugin. It's a wonderful little thing; it uses the iUI library to present a slick, single page application; it strips images out of the …

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WordPress plugin minify Makefile

While working on my first commercial WordPress plugin, the need for build automation finally struck me. The environments in which I do my most development are all driven by Linux, and so I wanted to use a tried, true, and ubiquitous build automation mechanism to fulfill my need. As such …

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Add password maintenance feature to cgit with PHP

Have you ever wanted to have a nifty, browser-driven password maintenance feature in your htpasswd-secured cgit site? I've been meaning to build this for a while—and I finally did it. Granted, this was not a difficult task, and I'm not expecting to bask in any glory for completing …

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Using cURL for parallel PHP without pcntl_fork

So, you want to do some parallel processing in PHP (alliteration FTW!), but your service provider does not grant you access to the pcntl family of functions*. What do you do? If you're in a *nix environment with access to the curl command line application, then you get creative.

First …

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What's My Status v1.2 released

My WordPress microblog feed widget recently went through another update. This time around, I've added the ability to filter out replies and re-posts ("retweets" in Twitter lingo, "redents" in identi.ca speak) from your activity feed. Pick up the new version from the WordPress plugins site.

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What's My Status? v1.1 released

My microblogging feed widget for WordPress, What's My Status?, has been updated. The plugin now uses curl for its main retrieval mechanism, with standard URL fopen as the fallback. Additionally, the Reset cache command has been fixed. You can grab the plugin for yourself over at the wordpress.org site …

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Selective backup/copy script for moving files into production

Whenever our web site needs to undergo re-branding, there is always the hassle of creating both the selective package of files to move into production from development and the selective back-up of the necessary files already on the production server. While this is not a soul-crushingly elaborate and tedious task …

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What's My Status? v1.0.0 released

My first officially-recognized WordPress widget, What's My Status?, has been released! It is a widget for displaying a given user's status feed from identi.ca, Twitter, or any other service that provides a Twitter-like API. There are several features in the works for future versions—such as inclusion and exclusion …

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Help! I can't delete phpMyAdmin's setup.php

I've got a VPS server running Debian 5 "lenny" and recently attempted to perform several software upgrades to bring it up to speed (it had been longer than I care to admit). However, the upgrade for the phpMyAdmin package continually failed, stating that it was unable to remove /usr/share …

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