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Tag: jquery

jQuery visibility pseudo-selectors

To help me with a project at work, I've written two jQuery pseudo-selectors which will help determine if an element is currently in the viewport or if it has been reached during scroll. This can be incredibly powerful if you're looking to only display certain items (like a "back to …

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jQuery.imgradio Plugin v1.0 released

The default HTML radio buttons and check boxes aren't the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world of web design. With this in mind, I have created a jQuery plugin that will replace those pesky <input /> elements with <span /> elements for your CSS styling pleasure. Under the hood, the original …

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Check all CheckBoxes in a GridView using jQuery

If you're working with a GridView control where you've built a CheckBox control into each row of data displayed, odds are, it would be convenient for your users if a "Check/Un-check All" option was available. The following example will show how to do just that; and with only the …

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