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Tag: git

Twitter 'Acro' bot

It's been a while since I actually wrote it, but I realized this evening that I never posted about it on my blog. What I'm referring to is the 'Acro' bot for Twitter I wrote in Python. An acronym is chosen at random by the bot, and then participants have …

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Add password maintenance feature to cgit with PHP

Have you ever wanted to have a nifty, browser-driven password maintenance feature in your htpasswd-secured cgit site? I've been meaning to build this for a while—and I finally did it. Granted, this was not a difficult task, and I'm not expecting to bask in any glory for completing …

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Add threaded discussions to cgit with disqus

While it provides an efficient, organized web front-end for your personal git repositories, the cgit application is missing a few of the more sparkling features found at github--notably, a comments/discussion system. Enter: disqus.

Disqus is a Javascript-injected, centralized discussion system that is gaining traction with blogs and other …

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