1. My text editor configuration

    I've been a Vim (and gVim) user for several years now, so naturally, I've amassed a byzantine maze of configuration settings and blessed plugins. This evening, I decided to publicize my configuration. Check it out!

    There are many neat features like autocompletion, highlighting the 80th column, a tag bar, quick …

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  2. Twitter 'Acro' bot

    It's been a while since I actually wrote it, but I realized this evening that I never posted about it on my blog. What I'm referring to is the 'Acro' bot for Twitter I wrote in Python. An acronym is chosen at random by the bot, and then participants have …

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  3. Dynamic GridView rows in ASP.NET

    Here's a simple proof-of-concept for dynamically adding and removing rows in an ASP.NET GridView control while maintaining the existing data. The ViewState is used to maintain the information between postbacks. The rehydrate_table function takes advantage of this to rebuild the table anew whenever an event takes place.

    Default.aspx …

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  4. Tribute: An Homage to My ASCII Heroes

    I don't generally write anything on here that isn't about code; I don't like to use this as any kind of a soapbox. To me, this site is about sharing tricks and solutions I've created or come across in software development. That being said, I am so incredibly proud of …

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