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Easy SSL redirection for select folders in nginx

Tags: nginx regex security

I have many various web applications installed on my server; some of them need to be wrapped in a secure connection, while it is less important (or meaningless) for others. For those applications whose security I am concerned about, I've developed an easy way to force nginx to serve the application over an SSL connection. The method involves creating empty foldername.ssl files in a specific location, and then comparing the base folder name of an HTTP request against these file names. If there is a match, the connection is redirected to an https:// URL.

The following nginx location configuration directive will provide this behavior:

location / {
    # force ssl
    location \~ ^/([^/]+)(/.*)? {
        if (-f /var/www/$1.ssl) {
            rewrite ^(.*)$$1 permanent;

Consider this scenario: You have phpMyAdmin installed under /var/www/phpmyadmin, and you keep your *.ssl files in /var/www (though you could just as easily place them elsewhere, perhaps outside of the document root). You would just create the phpmyadmin.ssl file:

$ touch /var/www/phpmyadmin.ssl

nginx's location directive listed above will match /phpmyadmin from the URL to /var/www/phpmyadmin.ssl. Since that file does exist, nginx will redirect the request to an HTTPS version.

This may seem like a fairly benign feature to add--and for the most part, it is--but if you've got a ton of web applications running under one domain name (i.e., in order to save money on SSL certificates), it can be a godsend.