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Nexus Clash Dev Team

Well, as happens perpetually, I have neglected my blog. This time, at least, I do have good reasons: I've been coding! Primarily, I have been developing quality-of-life features and refactoring legacy code for Nexus Clash, as I have recently joined the development team. Huzzah! It is a rewarding experience working …

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Nexus Clash UserScripts

Carrying on my rich tradition of shoehorning quality-of-life improvements into PBBGs, I've created a couple of UserScripts for the Nexus Clash browser game.

The first is an improvement to the Pets management panel which color-codes pets whose AP is running low and shows their decay time in both GMT and …

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Tail for browser windows

Have you ever been watching log output via a web application, and you just want your browser window to jump to the bottom of the document whenever new output shows up? Well, stranger, let me tell you, I certainly have. That's why I wrote a bookmarklet that does just that …

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UserScripts for Urban Dead

Several years ago, I wrote a series of UserScripts for a persistent, browser-based game (PBBG) called Urban Dead. These scripts tidy up the user interface a bit and add some new features to the game that make quality-of-life improvements to the experience (in my opinion). I abandoned them--and the game--for …

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Using ASP.NET connection strings in PowerShell scripts

I found a trick for loading ASP.NET connectionString elements from configuration files for use in PowerShell scripts, and I figured I would share it with the class. They are, as should have been obvious to me much sooner, simply XML nodes in an XML document. This comes in pretty …

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The Sound of Silence

I really haven't been giving this blog the tender love and care that it so truly deserves. I hope to change that in the near future. Then again, I know I've said that before oh-so-many times. What's different about this time?

Placeholder post is forlorn with an air of mystery …

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Playing with Dungeon Painter Studio

As many nerds do, I play Dungeons & Dragons--specifically, 5th Edition. I've mostly been a player the entire time, but I am the DM (Dungeon Master) of a play-by-post campaign, and recently, tried my hand at a live-play campaign that will serve as a palate cleanser for our regularly-scheduled games. In …

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More FlaskBB development

The train keeps rolling. I've been busying myself with more FlaskBB development lately. I took the Docker image and expanded it into a docker-compose example. I've also built a plugin for managing email and RSS notifications and another for adding a dice-rolling macro to the forum. The dicebot plugin is …

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