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Give-Me-Coins.com Condensed UserScript

Lately, my interest has been piqued by cryptocurrency. After discovering that my ATI card could produce a decent hash rate without seriously spiking my electricity bill, I got specifically interested in Litecoin. Long story short, I joined a Litecoin mining pool (Give-Me-Coins.com) and decided that I could do without a few of the widgets on their dashboard page. Bing-bang-boom, I wrote a UserScript to rearrange things a little bit. Here it is for your consumption. Read More →

Forward Gawker sites to their UK counterparts for a better layout

I wrote a (really) simple userscript today that reloads Lifehacker pages under uk.lifehacker.com. Why did I do this? Because the Lifehacker UK site doesn’t have the trendy new (horrendous) AJAXified layout. Maybe using a hosts redirect instead of a userscript is a better way to handle it (since you’re still going to see a flash of the lifehacker.com site before being redirected with the userscript), but this method is far less intrusive—and less likely to break any pages on the UK site which may rely on resources from the naked domain.

(Edit: I have since modified the script to work with the entire bevy of Gawker media sites—Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Gawker, Kotaku, io9, Jalopnik, Deadspin, and Jezebel.) Read More →