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What’s My Status? v1.0.0 released

My first officially-recognized WordPress widget, What’s My Status?, has been released! It is a widget for displaying a given user’s status feed from identi.ca, Twitter, or any other service that provides a Twitter-like API. There are several features in the works for future versions—such as inclusion and exclusion filters—but at its core, it is a simple, effective status feed widget that will intelligently convert @mentions, #hashtags, and URLs alike into clickable links. It is also prepared to cache the feed results, so it shouldn’t step on anyone’s toes with regard to API access limits. Read More →

Create anchor links in Twitter status text with JavaScript

Note: This also applies to any service using a Twitter-compatible API, such as StatusNet (see: identi.ca) with some minor configuration changes.

As a side project, I have been working on a StatusNet (specifically, identi.ca) status feed widget for the WordPress PHP platform. I had spent a fair amount of my time trying to convert the various tokens (such as @mentions, #hashtags, and URLs—both with and without a protocol prefix) into clickable links when I realized that StatusNet, being the cool folks that they are, provide HTML-rendered versions of status posts through their API. However, my work hasn’t been for naught! Twitter uses an incredibly similar API—or rather, StatusNet’s API is similar to/based off of Twitter’s API—but does not provide HTML-rendered versions of the status posts (to my knowledge). With this in mind, I’ve re-engineered the code to accept options for pointing the various token URLs to the particular service—whatever it may be. Read More →