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Truck It!: Mozilla TowTruck in a bookmarklet

Mozilla Labs has this really nifty, Javascript-based collaboration utility, TowTruck, which allows real-time web editing collaboration in the browser. It’s got a lot of nifty features I won’t get into in this post; sufficed to say, it’s pretty frickin’ sweet. What I did not find to be as frickin’ sweet, however, is the fact that the TowTruck Javascript file must be included in the source of your page in order to use it. Read More →

Add “desktop version” and “mark all as read” links to Tiny Tiny RSS mobile plugin

I installed Tiny Tiny RSS on a server of mine, and after tinkering around with it for a little while, I turned on the built-in mobile plugin. It’s a wonderful little thing; it uses the iUI library to present a slick, single page application; it strips images out of the article bodies; and it automatically forwards you to the mobile version when you view TTRSS on your phone. I have just one problem with it—there is no way to mark articles as read in bulk from the interface… so I added some tweaks. Read More →

Batch convert audio files to MP3 with PowerShell and VLC Player

I adapted a PowerShell script by Tim Van Wassenhove that recurses through a given directory, searching for various types of audio files. These files are then converted to MP3 using VLC Player’s command-line interface. My adjustments to Tim’s original script include some string handling bits that ensure filenames with potentially dangerous characters (apostrophes in the case of the VLC command line, and square brackets in the case of the Remove-Item call) are taken care of. Read More →

rexCrawler and HelpfulHighlighter are now open source

After having dipped my toe in the water of open source with some Arachni module changes and the development of a simple WordPress plugin, I’ve finally taken the plunge; two of my personal projects are now completely open source, and hosted on github. Much of the code is stale—and somewhat embarrassing—but I figured that it was high time I shrug off that self-defensive apprehension and use it as fuel to make me a better developer. Read More →

Programmatically compile Audiences in SharePoint 2010

According to the documentation for the SharePoint 2010 SDK, you cannot trigger Audience compilation programmatically. Well—that’s not true. It isn’t documented, but it is possible. The painful thing about it is that you must know the ApplicationId of the UserProfileService application. This is where reflection comes in extremely handy! Read More →