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Selective backup/copy script for moving files into production

Whenever our web site needs to undergo re-branding, there is always the hassle of creating both the selective package of files to move into production from development and the selective back-up of the necessary files already on the production server. While this is not a soul-crushingly elaborate and tedious task, it still takes time that could be better spent elsewhere in the project. With this in mind, I created a simple PHP script that will mirror the directory structure and only those files that will be changed in the process as it copies the files from development into production. Read More →

Screencast: The WordPress Transients API and You

This screencast was originally submitted for an Envato tutorial contest… but apparently, they do not ever announce when those contests have been closed. Rather than wait for the (next) Rapture, I figured I would just go ahead and post it here.

This screencast is a tutorial on using the WordPress transients API for caching plugin and/or widget information. Enjoy! Read More →

What’s My Status? v1.0.0 released

My first officially-recognized WordPress widget, What’s My Status?, has been released! It is a widget for displaying a given user’s status feed from identi.ca, Twitter, or any other service that provides a Twitter-like API. There are several features in the works for future versions—such as inclusion and exclusion filters—but at its core, it is a simple, effective status feed widget that will intelligently convert @mentions, #hashtags, and URLs alike into clickable links. It is also prepared to cache the feed results, so it shouldn’t step on anyone’s toes with regard to API access limits. Read More →