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Add “desktop version” and “mark all as read” links to Tiny Tiny RSS mobile plugin

I installed Tiny Tiny RSS on a server of mine, and after tinkering around with it for a little while, I turned on the built-in mobile plugin. It’s a wonderful little thing; it uses the iUI library to present a slick, single page application; it strips images out of the article bodies; and it automatically forwards you to the mobile version when you view TTRSS on your phone. I have just one problem with it—there is no way to mark articles as read in bulk from the interface… so I added some tweaks. Read More →

WordPress plugin minify Makefile

While working on my first commercial WordPress plugin, the need for build automation finally struck me. The environments in which I do my most development are all driven by Linux, and so I wanted to use a tried, true, and ubiquitous build automation mechanism to fulfill my need. As such, I wound up going with a Makefile, to be parsed and executed by the GNU make application. The result is an incredibly convenient automated build that minifies my Javascript/CSS (thanks to reducisaurus), and creates a version-appropriate archive of my plugin. Read More →