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rexCrawler v2.4.5.0 released

My complex file searching software, rexCrawler, has been updated. Version improves on version by adding an instructional help menu to the menu strip in the main window of the program. You can download the new version in the releases section of the rexCrawler website.

chud – GreaseMonkey script for Urban Dead

I’ve finished putting together my first GreaseMonkey script! It’s called “chud”—the Caddy Healer for Urban Dead. It’s been built to plug-in to my favorite web-based zombie apocalypse, Urban Dead. It will bring up a list of anyone in your map cell who can be healed with a first-aid kit, and allow you to click directly on their name in that list to automagically heal them. I uploaded it to userscripts.org, the GreaseMonkey user scripts repository. Click here to check it out.

rexCrawler release

I’ve released one of my personal software projects, rexCrawler. It is a program I use at work to search specified files/folders for (optionally) specified text/patterns. Knowledge of regular expressions is suggested, but unnecessary. Output can be sent to the screen, a CSV (comma-separated values) file, or both.

You can download the file at the rexCrawler homepage on Google Sites.

Note: rexCrawler requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 or later.