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WordPress plugin minify Makefile

While working on my first commercial WordPress plugin, the need for build automation finally struck me. The environments in which I do my most development are all driven by Linux, and so I wanted to use a tried, true, and ubiquitous build automation mechanism to fulfill my need. As such, I wound up going with a Makefile, to be parsed and executed by the GNU make application. The result is an incredibly convenient automated build that minifies my Javascript/CSS (thanks to reducisaurus), and creates a version-appropriate archive of my plugin. Read More →

JavaScript Challenge #2 (Whac-A-Moo)

Though I am not a proponent of the MooTools JavaScript framework, their blog is an interesting resource that I enjoy reading. Not only is it packed with sensible practices and interesting insights, but they have recently begun posting JavaScript challenges where developers are tasked with building whatever system is presented in the example.

Most recently, the challenge involved building a “Whack-A-Mole” game in JavaScript. Since I’m not a MooTools user, I decided to use pure, vanilla JS rather than solving the challenge with another library (namely, jQuery). You can play my result on jsFiddle.net. Enjoy!