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jQuery.noFlickerSlide Plugin v1.0.0 released

Since 1.1.3, jQuery’s slideUp() method has had problems with flickering in Internet Explorer. While this issue can generally be fixed by avoiding Quirks Mode with a DOCTYPE declaration, it doesn’t always work so easily. (The HTML 5 declaration worked for me, but was unfortunately not an option in the project at hand—which was filled with XHTML 1.0 Transitional pages.) To correct the problem with a JavaScript solution, you can overload the $.fn.slideUp prototype for all Internet Explorer versions and have it animate the element to a minimum height of 1px. The bug with IE seems to stem from it being unable to elegantly handle 0px-tall elements.

I’ve built a jQuery plugin, jQuery.noFlickerSlide, which does just that. You can download the source for yourself, or grab the minified version for use on your site. Read More →