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Truck It!: Mozilla TowTruck in a bookmarklet

Mozilla Labs has this really nifty, Javascript-based collaboration utility, TowTruck, which allows real-time web editing collaboration in the browser. It’s got a lot of nifty features I won’t get into in this post; sufficed to say, it’s pretty frickin’ sweet. What I did not find to be as frickin’ sweet, however, is the fact that the TowTruck Javascript file must be included in the source of your page in order to use it. Read More →

Photobucket thumbnail bookmarklet

I’ve built a pretty simple little utility for turning the URL of an image hosted on Photobucket into a thumbnail which links to the full-sized image. I’ve designed one version for building bbCode (forum) mark-up, and one for building a basic HTML thumbnail link. Save the links below to use them:

bbCode Thumbnailer
HTML Thumbnailer

Have a look at the code yourself: Read More →

View live page source with Javascript

Have you ever been working on an AJAX-enabled webpage, or a page with complex redirects and permissions, and tried to view its source? What you wind up getting generally looks nothing like the current state of the page in question. You are viewing its initial state, since the browser loads a fresh copy for the source view. That’s just fine if everything you need to check was all set up and ready to go when the page was initially loaded; but that is rarely the case with AJAX. Read More →