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Posts to resume shortly

I’ve migrated the blog back over to my VPS, as my hosting provider has been trying to blame me for the poor performance of my scripts on their hosting platform. I’ve got everything running on my VPS machine now (and I do mean everything) thanks to nginx, php5-fpm, and 752MB of RAM (of which I am only using 49% on average).

I’ve got some posts in the hopper that I will be releasing soon that deal with easy SSL redirection for nginx, adding a discussion system to the cgit git web interface, and a method for forking PHP processes on servers where the pcntl functions are unavailable.

New WordPress blog

I’ve transferred my blog from the Blogger platform (externally hosted) to the WordPress platform (self-hosted) for a couple of reasons. First of all, I wanted more control over the blog on principle. Also, I needed an excuse to become familiar with the WordPress system—and working something into my own projects is generally the best way to learn it. 🙂

I’ve got everything pretty much organized the way that I want it, and I’ve got an eye-pleasing theme in place. Hopefully, this new, more personal online presence will spur me to post a bit more often than I have been; I’ve certainly got code to spare.

Central repository

I’m starting this blog for two reasons.

First of all, I wanted somewhere that I could (try to) keep track of all of my programming projects/interests; sort of an “online notepad,” if you will.

Second, I figure maybe some of the problems I’m working on–or hopefully, my solution(s) to them–might help someone else in their endeavors. Read More →