A little while back, I (partially) reverse-engineered Alexey Pajitnov‘s puzzle game, Hexic, using Java. This is the result.

You do not have Java enabled/installed.



  • Left-click: Rotate selected hexes counter-clockwise.
  • Right-click: Rotate selected hexes clockwise.
  • “M” Key: Toggle background music on/off
  • “S” Key: Toggle sound effects on/off


  • Rotate 3 of a kind together to form a Triad (5 points).
  • Complete more than 1 Triad on a rotation for a Combo (15 points).
  • Form triads as the hexes fall into place for a Cascade (10 points).
  • Complete more than 1 Triad on a Cascade for a Waterfall (25 points).
  • Once no moves are left, the remaining hexes are locked in place and the empty hexes are filled with random colors.

When a level would start with no available moves, the game is over.