Some of the things that I spend my time on are interesting; some of them are fun; and some of them have coding standards I grow more embarrassed by with each passing breath. Here is a list of at least a few of them that do not make me want to refactor until my eyes bleed:
A system for displaying ASCII artwork on the web as pure text
Several useful CodeIgniter project components in an "unzip and let 'er rip" format
Helpful Highlighter
An adaptive technology Excel Add-In to help users maintain mental/visual focus
A reverse-engineered version of Alexey Pajitnov's puzzle game
J2ME experiments
A couple of experiments in Java mobile gaming
A jQuery plugin for image-based check boxes, radio button lists, and rating system (i.e., 1-5) controls
A PHP/MySQL/JS web-based MORPG set in a fantasy world resembling feudal Japan
A .NET-based, CSV-producing file system search utility with the ability to filter file names/folders and contents using wild card matching, plain text, and regular expressions
A simple, redis-backed Python actor framework
UD Scripts
Several GreaseMonkey scripts for enhancing the player's experience in the web-based zombie apocalypse, Urban Dead
UDWitness (defunct)
A screen shot bookmarklet and storage infrastructure, mainly to facilitate the reporting of player killers in Urban Dead
What's My Status? (defunct)
A WordPress widget to display a user's timeline for social networking services with Twitter-like APIs (Twitter,, etc.)
A modern, Python BBS implementation reminiscent of "bulletin board" software from the mid 90's