I have my gists and repositories on GitHub, of course, but here are a handful of projects I’m particularly proud of. Some are open source, and some are not.

Columbia College: Virtual Commencement
An online commencement experience, complete with personalized graduation ceremony audio and individual graduate profiles
Choose CC: Collegiate donation portal
A synergistic marriage between a philanthropic donation portal and familiar e-commerce norms
staggr: Your links, staggered
A Facebook application and associated bookmarklet for slowly, regularly releasing shared content to your pages or personal feed
CC Alumni Around the World
A Google Maps-powered, interactive display of Columbia College alumni diaspora, broken down by country and (U.S.) state
rexCrawler: File system searching tool
A highly-customized file system searching application that supports regular expressions and CSV output
A simple, redis-backed Python actor framework
What's My Status?: WordPress StatusNet Widget (defunct)
A simple microblog feed widget for WordPress compatible with Twitter, identi.ca, and other services